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Scientists figure out how to momentarily store images in vapor

Darren Murph

You don't have to be a science buff to understand that atoms in gases move around a heck of a lot more than those in solids. For instance, text on a paper page isn't apt to just reshuffle itself when no one is looking, but printing the latest Harry Potter novel on thin air could prove just a touch more difficult. Said challenge isn't too much for physicists from varying institutions in Israel, as they have recently demonstrated how to ever-so-briefly store images in a warm atomic vapor. Reportedly, the gurus have figured out how to "store complex images for up to 30 microseconds in rubidium vapor," and if mastered, the process could help unlock secrets of "quantum information processing and even quantum communication." If your interest meter just shot through the roof (you geek, you), head on down to the read link to slurp up more on how it's being done.

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