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SOE President expresses his enthusiasm about the future of MMOs on PS3

Alan Tsang

John Smedley, President of Sony Online Entertainment, is confident that by moving SOE closer to the Playstation division, it will help the PS3 and PSN succeed in the face of Xbox Live and PC's MMOs. In an interview with MCV, Smedley lists SOE's "eight years of experience running an online service" as a major asset they will be able to provide. He believes "retail is exactly the kind of driver" needed for PS3 MMOs and SOE will provide an additional boost in the form of a promise: "The next round of MMOs are made to run on both the PC and PlayStation 3."

However, Smedley smartly avoids questions about the length of time it will take for PS3 MMOs to compete with likes of PC MMOs such as World of Warcraft. He claims the PS3 already has an "online playerbase", while the PSN is "a significant and robust network " and there is "a real hunger" for MMOs, but concedes it will "take some time to build that base even larger."

Smedley claims he is confident about the future of MMOs on PS3, but are you?

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