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Sony to implement BD-Live on all future Blu-ray releases

Darren Murph

That sound you hear off in the distance is the BD-Live bandwagon gaining steam, and the latest studio to hop on board is Sony. Shortly after Universal, Disney and Warner Bros. announced their BD-Live plans, along comes Sony to do the same. Reportedly, Rich Marty, Sony's VP of new business development, has affirmed that all new Sony Pictures Home Entertainment releases that hit store shelves after Men In Black will have at least some level of BD-Live interactivity wrapped in, though no specifics about what to expect were given. Marty did note that the studio has seen "a great response so far," with some 1 in 5 BD-Live movie buyers taking the time to activate and explore the feature. Not that we necessarily agree that 20-percent represents a "great response," but we can't argue with more interactive content for the minority demanding it.

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