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Spore getting $80 'Galactic Edition'

Justin McElroy

By design, Spore is all-encompassing, with nigh infinite possibilities for gameplay, from crafting the very essence of life to managing entire galaxies. But sometimes, you have to go to the bathroom, it's a scientific fact. For those moments, there's the Spore Galactic Edition announced today by Gamestop, available for $79.99. In addition to the game, you'll get:

  • 'Making of Spore' DVD video
  • 'The Human Toolkit' DVD video, by National Geographic
  • 'The Art of Spore' hardback mini-book
  • Fold-out Spore poster
  • Premium 100-page Galactic Handbook
So whether nature calls and you need reading material or your significant other wants to watch some TV, you'll have no problem keeping it Spore-centric. And yes, now that you mention it, that was a very depressing sentence.

[Thanks, Dalibor and KrAzYmAn]

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