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Turn-based strategy MMO Atlantica to enter closed beta in July

William Dobson

A new MMORPG by the name of Atlantica Online is set to enter its closed beta phase this July. The game will reportedly employ a turn-based strategy combat system, and developer Ndoors Interactive hopes that this will help it to stand out from other MMOs. Players are able to form groups of up to 3 people and wage war across ancient lands. There will be a heavy focus on long term planning and strategy, with players having to manage both cities and countries, keeping factors like industry, commerce, and culture in mind.

Visiting Atlantica's official website, we found a handful of screenshots, a teaser video (with no gameplay unfortunately) and a simple form to enter just an email address to register for the closed beta. Turn-based strategy games tend to divide gamers, but fans of the genre could really get into such a title taken to the level of complexity that MMOs can offer -- if done well. We'll report back when we find out more.

[Via Worlds in Motion]

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