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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best home theater projector?

Darren Murph

Earlier this year, we allowed you all to exchange blows about whether an HD projector or HDTV was more suitable for high-definition aficionados. Now, however, we've received a question that caters to those leaning towards the former:

"I'm looking for a projector for my wife's photography business. I would also like it to double as an HD home theater projector when not entertaining clients. I'm going to be projecting on an 88-inch screen with ample room to vary the throw distance. What are some specs I should be looking for to get great hi-res pictures to show nicely as well as watch some action flicks from my Blu-ray player? Should I go with DLP or LCD?"

As you'll see, cost as a factor wasn't mentioned, but we'll go on and assume that SIM2's C3X is just slightly out of the picture. So, help this guy out, will ya? Are you madly in love with your current beamer? Would you recommend your neighbor's unit instead? Talk it up in comments below.

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