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File Majik Pro middleware promises to cut PS3 load times for free


Developers have been struggling with the Blu-ray drive on PS3. For many, it appeared that there were only two options for PS3 games: suffer through long load times, or suffer through a long initial installation process. CRI File System promises to give developers another option. File Majik Pro for PS3 supposedly cuts down load times from an average of 22 seconds on a Blu-ray disc to only 9. Best of all, this program is being made available for free -- unitl 2010.

We can't substantiate these claims in any way, but we're glad to see alternative options available for developers that haven't mastered streaming techniques for the PS3. Imagine a day when mandatory installations for PS3 games are a thing of the past.

[Thanks, Ether02! Via SCRAWL]

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