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Hospitals now less boring -- Fun Centers on the way

Phil Larsen

Sick kids are in for some fun, thanks to Nintendo and the Starlight Foundation. The Wii is heading for hundreds of hospitals in North America and Canada, all bundled up in Fun Centers packed with awesome stuff. Rehabilitation seems to be the Wii's favorite word, as Nintendo manufactures 1250 Fun Centers -- with 500 to be in place by the end of the year.

The Fun Centers come with a Sharp flat-screen TV, a DVD player and a Wii with a bunch of games including Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports and Mario Party 8. What, you were expecting Resident Evil 4?

Paula Van Ness of Starlight said "Our Fun Centers transform the hospital experience for children, bringing enjoyment and laughter to an otherwise daunting experience." Yeah, damn straight it's daunting -- and what did the friendly hospital staff bring this blogger when he was down and out with appendicitis? Battletoads. Yeah, the most ball-breakingly difficult game ever conceived didn't make the hospital stay any more fun.

[Via press release]

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