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Maxdata runs aground, files for insolvency

Darren Murph

Just a few months ago, we were all checking out Maxdata's Belinea 1 Mini-Note and expecting huge, just huge things from the company. Fast forward to today, and you'll find those hopes and dreams essentially smashed. According a post on the outfit's website, it has "filed for insolvency proceedings at the Local Court in Essen due to pending illiquidity." Maxdata blames the "high pressure of competition and the immense fall in prices in the IT industry" as the primary reasons for its downfall, and it also makes note that a restructuring effort that launched in 2006 was ineffective (you think?). As it stands, management is now attempting to continue business "with the support of the insolvency administrator, securing as many jobs as possible" and retaining the Maxdata / Belinea brands. Good luck out there, it's a long climb back to the top base.

[Thanks, Jari]

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