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Nokia rolls out N78 firmware update over the aether

Chris Ziegler

Nokia pushing out a user-installable firmware update to one of its S60 handsets is certainly nothing new -- and unfortunately, pushing out said update to the European model before the North American model is nothing new, either -- but what is new is how this particular update is being distributed. The company is finally taking advantage of S60's over-the-air update capability, allowing users to nab the 2MB binary for the European variant of the N78 right over a WiFi or 3G connection (GPRS / EDGE too, we imagine, but that'd be pretty painful). Version 11.043 is said to imbue handsets with "improved stability with Bluetooth (headsets and car kits) and music (playback over a long time and content refresh)" alongside "optimized Camera performance and Naviscroll sensitivity improvements," so we'd say it's pretty much a no-brainer to grab -- particularly since it doesn't mean sitting down in front of the PC with a USB cable and an iron will.

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