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O2 pay-as-you-go iPhone plans announced, un-announced

Robert Palmer

UK mobile provider O2 posted a page earlier today offering the iPhone 3G with a pay-as-you-go plan costing £300 (≈ $593) for the 8GB model, and £360 (≈ $711) for the 16GB model. The plan includes six months of WiFi and browsing. After the first six months, you can purchase browsing and WiFi access for £10 (≈ $20) monthly.

The offer is available to all new and upgrading customers who purchase an iPhone 3G with Pay & Go until December 31.

The page, however, was taken down moments later, replaced with a page that omitted pricing. Some of the other pages (Tariffs, for example) were not found on the server. Strange. The page says that more information "will be available shortly so come back in a few days."

Your conspiracy theories are always welcome in comments.

Thanks, Matt, Visa, and Lewis!

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