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Pioneer Kuro LCDs get official European rollout

Steven Kim

By the press release, it's officially official -- Pioneer has made good on its promise to get serious about LCDs, even though its intentions to bring out a 46-inch class display this year remain murky. Europe will see three new Kuro-branded LCDs: the KRL-32V and KRL-37V models (32-, 37-inch sizes, respectively) in August, and a 46-inch KRL-46V which still has a nebulous "later in the year" date. All models include a high-contrast filter up front, three HDMI ports and 100Hz processing (count on 120Hz if when released in the USA). No pricing has been announced, so we'll be curious to see what sort of markup is slapped on the Sharp-sourced panel. More interesting, of course, will be the picture quality -- have Pioneer elves worked any magic into the electronics, and will the LCD's black levels measure up to the Kuro name?

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