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    Ricoh's eye-catching GX200 camera gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Easily one of the most peculiar looking digicams we've seen, the GX200 picks right up where the GX100 left off and aims to fill the pockets of those not quite ready for a DSLR. Design wise, reviewers couldn't help but fall in love. Despite the curious build, critics found it to be "a joy" to hold and operate and not quite a burden in their left cargo pocket. When it came time to view results, however, the tone quickly shifted; put simply, the 12-megapixel sensor / processing combination was deemed "poor," once again substantiating the belief that more megapixels isn't always better. To be fair, the EVF and monitor were among the best they had seen, and some of the other minor details were really impressive, but the lackluster image quality easily overshadowed those flashes of brilliance in the grand scheme of things.

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