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Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth gets reprint, only $30 [Update]

Majed Athab

We don't really know why we're sharing this because we thought perhaps putting in our pre-order first and securing a copy for ourselves would be a wise choice before sharing the scoop. But, we've got an obligation to you dear readers and we wouldn't do that to you. If you haven't picked up a copy of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (a PSP port of the PSOne classic) then now would be a good time.

Online retailer GameQuest Direct has grabbed reprinted copies of the game and is selling them at 30 bucks. The games will ship June 27, so there's really no reason to hesitate. Go pre-order.

[Via CAG]

Update: GameQuest Direct informed us they are not carrying exclusive reprints of the game. You can check other retailers for copies as well.

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