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WAR European guild beta live within a month

Chris Chester

The long-anticipated Warhammer Online guild beta appears to finally be moving forward, as we've heard via the grapeline that European guild leaders are being notified about the imminent start of the guild beta. According to this email, guild leaders are being given until July 2 to submit the information for members hoping to participate in the beta. Interestingly, the NDA for the beta will remain in effect for the duration of the guild beta, so don't expect to see full-fledged personal accounts for a little while yet.

This information will likely bristle some who were likely hoping that they'd be able to enjoy the open beta sometime this summer. It's probably too early to rule that out at this point, since we don't have any information yet about how EA Mythic will be handling the North American guild beta, and that has to be an important stepping point before they're willing to show Warhammer Online to the greater public.

In the mean time, why not enjoy the recent MMOG Nation podcast, where our own Michael Zenke sits down for a candid chat with WAR designer Paul Barnett?

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