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WWDC '08: Jeff Mancuso (Magnetk)


ExpanDrive made a pretty good stir when it was released. If you haven't seen it, it's an application that allows remote SFTP servers to be mounted (using MacFUSE) and used seamlessly as part of the filesystem. We've been following it as it develops and I wanted a chance to talk to its developers about what's up next.

I caught up with Jeff Mancuso of Magnetk last week and did just that. I found out where Amazon S3 plans are at, and what ExpanDrive has to offer Flickr, Facebook and other web applications. The video (after the jump) is very nicely lit, too, just for you.

Update: Magnetk was kind enough to hand us a coupon code for $5 off of an ExpanDrive license, good for the first 50 TUAW readers who use it. Enter SHFVRDEFO1SGA3QI at checkout.

[Viddler Link|QuickTime Version]

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