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AoC is to WoW as steak is to McDonalds, says AoC director

Chris Chester

Gaute Godager, game director for Age of Conan at Funcom, has been on top of the world this past month. They successfully delivered the biggest MMO to hit that market since World of Warcraft, with over a million units shipped inside of a month. You could probably understand then if he comes off a bit smug when talking about the quality of his undeniably blockbuster title. Rounding up a recent interview with Eurogamer, Godager cheekily likens the difference between Age of Conan and World of Warcraft to the gastronomical disparity between steak and McDonalds.

Now, we know that Godager was just having a bit of a friendly jab at Blizzard, having prefaced the comment as such. Although having seen the surprising backlash against the game for its prodigious bugs, thin quest content in some areas, and unfinished crafting system, we think there are perhaps more apt analogies out there. How about a steak that you ordered medium-well, but came out rare?

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