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Brave N00b World: a geophysical survey of the World of Warcraft

Adrian Bott

Games developer, writer and journalist James Wallis is something of a legend. He's probably best known for his headship of Hogshead Games, the company responsible for putting out pen-and-paper blockbusters like Nobilis and the resurrected Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, as well as eccentric delights such as The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. James regularly shares his thoughts on game design and the industry on his own blog.

James recently made a presentation at Interesting 8, an 'unconference' in London, England, in which he analyzed the World of Warcraft from a scientific perspective. (What is it with the sudden influx of Science into that world, anyway?) Viewed from James's vantage point, aspects of that reality suddenly make sense. Prepare to be amazed at the revelation of Azeroth's actual mass!

The video presentation follows after the break.

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