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Cliff: Metal Gear is a 'game we're not doing'

Dustin Burg

Chatting with the IGN crew, Epic's Cliff Bleszinski made it clear that Gears of War 2's storyline will not be presented like a certain game featuring Solid Snake and its 45 minute cutscenes. "Games aren't movies and aren't consumed in a single sitting" explains Bleszinski, "Metal Gear Solid is our example of the game we're not doing. Passive entertainment is on its way out."

Our interpretation of his remarks pretty much boil down to Gears 2 not having a too confusing storyline that features nothing but cut-scenes. Cliff isn't dissing MGS as much as he's explaining what Gears 2 isn't going to be, for better or worse. Though, we have a hunch Gears fanboys will think it's better to actually experience chainsawing through Locust scum rather than just watching the action unfold.

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