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Eyes appear in Blizzard splash screen

Justin McElroy

We know we've promised ourselves over and over again that we'd stop falling for artificially generated "tricklehype" countdowns or in Blizzard's case, a weird, ice-covered splash screen that's been evolving over the past few days. But come on, man, it's Blizzard. If you can't get excited for a big secret from Blizzard we're not even sure you can call yourself a gamer. ... Also, it's a slow news week.

So, what's today's revelation? Eyes. The crack in the ice has widened and we can now pretty clearly see a set of eyes, or, more accurately, eye slits. Our buddies at WoW Insider have posted some speculation on who it could be (spoiler alert: they have no clue), but we're more interested in what you think: Who's hiding behind the ice? Diablo? Arthas? Baleog the Fierce?

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