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Microsoft releases tool to fix Xbox 360 DRM

Dustin Burg

It's finally here! Microsoft's promised tool to transfer game and video content licenses from an old console to your new Xbox 360 is now available. In other words, this little online doodad will fix the DRM issues everyone has experienced after either upgrading their Xbox 360 or after dealing with a RROD. To get your DRM issues fixed, simply head over to and begin the license transfer process. It smartly (almost too smartly) knows which content is associated with which of your Xbox 360s and will guide you through the transfer process. We're told you need to have access to as well as having your Xbox 360 connected to Xbox Live. Just watch the video above and Major Nelson will guide you through the process. OH HAPPY DAY!

Interesting side note: The license transferring process can only be completed once every twelve months and that you have to re-download each piece of old content back onto your Xbox 360 to get the updated license. Icky.

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