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Microsoft: Xbox 360 'ahead of PS3' in Europe


According to David Gosen, European VP of strategic marketing for interactive entertainment at Microsoft EMEA and possessor of extraordinarily lengthy business titles, the Xbox 360 has sold over 5 million units in the European territories, allegedly placing it ahead of the PlayStation 3's progress. "Anyone trying to call a winner this Christmas is calling too early," he explained to MCV. "We are incredibly well positioned – our installed base in Europe is well over five million and contrary to what's been reported we are at least, if not more than, three quarters of a million ahead of PS3."

Though a 750,000-unit lead doesn't come close to guaranteeing long-term success, Gosen is adamant that Microsoft's console has not hit a sales "wall," as certain analysts have suggested. His advice, regarding a trajectory that "has changed significantly," is fairly direct.

"My only message to the analysts is to check their numbers." Dang man, don't be hatin' and beratin' on those who dig calculatin'!

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