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Nihilum live at WWI

Amanda Dean

If the Arena can be a spectator sport, raiding can too. Nihilum, a guild that simply needs no introduction, has broadcast a live feed of their elite Sunwell Plateau raiding skills will also be appearing at WWI this weekend. An update on the convention's page notes that you will be able to meet and watch some of the guild's superstars:

These members will be joined by Gustav Käll, aka Marilyn, who will be giving commentary of the raid. The WoW Europ page promises that viewers will be able to see Nihilum in action live on both days of the World Wide Invitational. Participants will also see the guild's top-notch arena team, consisting of Beasteh, Cherez and Hydra.

It looks like the entertainment at the event will be spectacular. In addition to Nihilum's appearance attendess will also be treated to live concerts by Level 70 Elite Tauren Chieftain and Video Games live.

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