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Nokia 7610 Supernova bears all in FCC documents

Chris Ziegler

So one of the models in Nokia's new low-cost Supernova fashion series, the 7610 slider, just hit the FCC for approval. That's not terribly interesting -- this sort of thing happens on a daily basis. What we did find interesting, though, was this little patch of stars on the backside. It's kind of like that tattoo you've got hidden in a naughty place no one's ever going to see, because those stars lie directly under the far more uptight, boring, slate blue battery cover. What's up with that? North Americans who want to investigate this little mystery in more detail are in luck on account of the quadband GSM / EDGE radio, so as long as you haven't sworn allegiance to the 3G towers in your neighborhood, you'll be good to go -- just don't go shedding your battery cover for every heartbreaker you meet.

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