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Rumor: Death Knights coming early

Eliah Hecht

Though this is the merest shred of a rumor, it's a nice enough idea that I think it's worth a post anyway. is passing on the speculation that maybe, just maybe, this weekend's announcement (or one of them) is going to be that the Death Knight class will be playable before Wrath of the Lich King's release, to those who pre-order Wrath. It sounds a bit silly, given that the Death Knight is one of the banner features of Wrath, but there are a few points riding in its favor:

  • You only need a level 55 to create a DK.
  • It would assuage concerns of everybody and their dog rolling a DK on the day of the Wrath release, since if the class was released (say) next month, or even in a few months, many of us would have time to get a DK to 70 before Wrath's release, to see whether we liked the class and so forth.
  • It would give those of us who have exhausted the current content something to do for the next few months.
  • The eyes revealed in today's teaser image could easily be sinister Death Knight eyes.
Allegedly, a post on this subject was nuked by the CMs in the official forums earlier today. However, even if this is what the post was about, speculating on unreleased content is explicitly forbidden by the forum terms of service, so the post would have been removed whether or not it was accurate. Thus this is still solidly speculative. But we can dream. Now I don't know which I'm hoping for: Diablo 3 or sooner Death Knights. Not that there's any reason they can't do both.

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