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See the beginning and epic ending of Limbo of the Lost

Justin McElroy

When it was revealed that PC adventure Limbo of the Lost had basically lifted its art assets from a slew of other games and subsequently was pulled from shelves, we had little more than a passing interest. But now that we've seen the first ten minutes of the game, casual interest has turned to deep, profound mourning. Limbo of the Lost would have been, and we don't think we're going too far out on a limb here, the most entertaining game of all time.

But even that gameplay sliver pales in comparison to the ending, which we've placed just after the break. If you can believe it, it's a musical ending that would have knocked Portal on its minimalistic ass. And yes, this video would be a spoiler if you were ever going to play the game, but you're totally not.

[Thanks, Vandell]

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