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Ubisoft unveils Prince of Persia: The Fallen King for DS


As promised, Ubisoft has unveiled a portable companion piece to this holiday's new-gen Prince of Persia, dubbing the pint-sized platformer "Prince of Persia: The Fallen King." Featuring an independent storyline and "unique stylus controls" (natch), The Fallen King sees the agile -- and now adorable -- acrobat foiling a mean ol' corruption that has encroached on every corner of the kingdom. Presumably, you'll also help some sort of king to get up.

Joining the prince in his wall-running adventures is "mysterious new ally" and playable character, Magus. He'll (it'll?) apparently use magical powers to help you overcome all manner of devious traps and puzzles. With the aid of Ubisoft's Casablanca studio, this little prince will join his big brother on shelves just in time for Holiday 2008.

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