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Video downloads coming this Summer to the US PSN Store

Jem Alexander

Sony has updated their corporate strategy today to include some exciting new pieces of information regarding what we can expect in the future. Amid talk of using external expertise to accelerate R&D efficiency and improving "non-game content and services in tandem with enhanced network capability," something else caught our eye. The document states plans to roll out a video download service across Sony branded products between now and fiscal year 2010. Starting with the US PlayStation Network this Summer.

Kaz Hirai has gone on to say, at what we assume is a stockholder's meeting today, that the video download service will be made available "at later dates," with more information to be revealed next month. That'll be at E3 then. We're looking forward to hearing more in a couple of weeks.

[Via Engadget; Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Source - Sony's new corporate strategy
Source - Summer launch for the US

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