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Breakfast topic: Future heroic classes

Amanda Dean

Blizzard has told us that the Death Knight will be the first of the heroic classes, and probably the only one we can expect to see in the next expansion. I haven't heard a word about what other heroic classes might be in the future. Therefore I started thinking of my own. Sure, sure we'd love to see Bards and Battlemages, but how about something new. Here are some of my thoughts:

  • The Craftmaster- Any existing non-heroic class, but can have three or four trade skills. They'd have access to bind-on-pickup Craftmaster-only items. No hot-glue gun required!
  • The Supertwink- No, I don't mean another rogue, but a character that cannot level past 29. The Supertwink may be able to access some abilities and skills from higher levels.
  • The Gunslinger- Somewhere between a Rogue and a Hunter. Gunslingers do not use pets, and have a few up close trick shots. They can dual wield ranged weapons and stealth about.

Alright, so they're all flawed, but it's kind of fun to think about the possibilities when we step out of the standard character realm. I'm not as excited as most people are about the Death Knight class, and I'm hoping for some ingenuity in the creation of these super characters.

If you were in charge of development for Blizzard, what kinds of heroic classes would you make?

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