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Cool hoodie, Space Invaders -- what more do you need?

Phil Larsen

Why are some guys so much more popular with the ladies than others? They have the sense and money to wear righteous clothing, a luxury many of us simply can't be bothered with afford. Well, picking up this rad hoodie from Thrifty Beatnik's store is sure to attract plenty of people -- until they realize it's covered with Space Invaders.

Which is rad -- or at least, we think so. Are friends really your friends if they don't like Space Invaders? Maybe, but you'd better educate them in the ways of video gaming history quicksmart. In fact, start them off right here, then move along to the way of the future. That hoodie will cement your place in stardom for years to come -- until Space Invaders becomes uncool. Which is probably never going to happen.


[Via Technabob]

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