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Creation of Symbian Foundation means heads will roll: UIQ slashes 200 jobs

Chris Ziegler

Though the creation of the Symbian Foundation will likely ultimately come to benefit and unify the platform's various flavors, one terribly unpleasant side effect of the action in the short term is the positional redundancy created as S60, UIQ, and other units become virtual roommates. Some of the first casualties of the merger come from UIQ, which has announced a total of 200 layoffs -- over half of its 375-strong staff. UIQ has never garnered quite the attention of its S60 sibling, and we wouldn't be surprised if the group were to end up being hardest-hit of the Foundation's puzzle pieces. Ironically, beleaguered Motorola is a stakeholder in UIQ at the moment; as the parent goes, so goes the child, it seems.

[Via All About Symbian]

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