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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 getting free multiplayer maps in July


Despite vowing to "never go back to Vegas," Ubisoft is still more than willing to expand the gambler's paradise from afar via downloadable content. Terrorists vs. bandits (some one-armed, others well-armed) showdown, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, will be getting a free "Fan Pack" on Xbox Live, PSN and Ubisoft's website in July, sure to bring a smile to the two million or so people who purchased the game.

The download not only adds three new maps -- the re-lit "Murdertown" and "CQB Training," as well as "Calypso Casino" -- but new multiplayer ranks and several tweaks to weapons, gadgets and other aspects of the game. Read up on all the changes over at the official site.

[Thanks, MisfitToy]

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