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Ubi gives fans Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Fan Pack DLC

Dustin Burg

To award loyal Rainbow Six Vegas fanboys and to give the game's online multiplayer a nice little tuneup, Ubisoft recently announced they'll be releasing a FREE set of RSV2 'Fan Pack' downloadable content this July.

The Fan Pack will feature the three new maps Calypso Casino, Murdertown and CQB Training and add new XP ranks beyond Elite as well as additional A.C.E.S. Along with the Fan Pack, Ubi will release an update for the title that'll make RSV2 even more enjoyable including the addition of a grenade indicator, a new High Stakes setting, a few balancing tweaks and various gameplay updates. There's also a rumor floating around that with the Fan Pack DLC download gamers will receive a free buy one buffet get one free printable coupon. That rumor has yet to be confirmed. Make the jump to read the complete list of RSV2 changes that'll go live next month.

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