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Nintendo Power's Sword in the Preview

Eric Caoili

As it's been known to do, Nintendo Power wrapped up its latest issue promising a new unannounced title for next month's cover. Given the exclusive reveals the magazine has featured lately, such as Mega Man 9 for WiiWare and the Castlevania Judgment 3D fighter, both arguably megatons, it's hard not to expect another huge surprise!

Nintendo Power's preview page for the next issue brandishes the above image and a quick prank on Earthbound fans (as if they needed more teasing): "We'll kick off the next 20 years of Nintendo Power with more big reveals, including a top-secret cover story fit for a king. It's got a lot of heart. Just kidding. It's Mother 3. Just kidding. Please look forward to it."

What could it be? A sequel to Square's lackluster King's Knight? Even better, perhaps a remake of Capcom's Knights of the Round? What are your gueses?

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