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Vanguard offers 5 days free to past subscribers

Samuel Axon

The Vanguard team has deployed its own (more modest) version of EverQuest's much-publicized Living Legacy campaign. Anyone who used to have a Vanguard account may play for free up through the 31st. SOE is touting performance enhancements and "new code" intended to make the game run more smoothly.

See, when the game first launched, it had performance issues about as bad as (or maybe even worse than) those of Age of Conan's open beta event. The game was virtually unplayable in major cities for all but the most beastly systems. With each major game update, though, SOE has tweaked and optimized the engine to make it run better. Apparently the team now feels that it's reached the point where it can reach out to old players and say, "Hey, we fixed it; come back and try again!

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