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Breakfast topic: Class consciousness

Amanda Dean

Day 1 of the World Wide Invitational has been filled with exciting news for WoW players, and well as some fascinating displays of entertainment. Blizzard hosted panel discussions with information about changes for each of the classes in Wrath of the Lich King. In case you've missed it, here's the good news for each of the classes:

I'd like to know what everyone thinks about these changes. It looks to me like some classes are making out better than others. I, for one, am nearly giddy.

Since my main is a Shaman, I'm thrilled with a little Shammy love from Blizz. Patch 2.4 was kind of disappointing, but I think we'll see some decent buffs come Wrath. One of the main complaints among players has been that this class lacks crowd control abilities. As I see it, anything after that is gravy.

Depending on implementation, combination totems will likely be a boon to Shamans as they will take less time overall to drop. I hope you get to create something like a totem package. Mike mentioned the combination of Strength of Earth and Grace of Air, but I switch between Grace and Windfury depending on my party composition.

Of course all of the class changes have yet to be solidified. If the Wrath went live today, with these modifications how would you feel about the changes to your main class(es)?

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