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How to justify buying expensive SNES games


Do you crave awesome, quite rare SNES games? Do you wish you could buy said games without feeling guilty about coughing up the kind of money that would go a long way on the Virtual Console? Then we have a solution, dear reader -- head over to one of the two auctions we've linked below and bid away on whichever takes your fancy.

The first lot consists of Square duo Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana auction (current price: $68), while the second consists of Super Mario RPG and Super Mario All-Stars (currently at $57). Even though they lack boxes, all four are quality games, and will serve a worthy cause -- every cent spent will go to Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana-West, a non-profit provider of training, career services, and education for people with disadvantages, including homelessness, lack of education, and physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

Go on, do it! It'll make you feel all fuzzy inside, and may even assuage the guilt of the thousands you wasted on Stadium Events. But probably not.

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[Via GamerTell]

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