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Michael Zenke

Peering Inside: The Second Life year in review
Today marks the fifth anniversary of Second Life, and we thought we'd take advantage of the day to round up some of the significant happenings in this most well-known of current-generation virtual worlds over the last twelve months.
TurpsterVision : Oh and one more Ding!
Today is a special post, its a game close to my heart, and it isn't a review. It's World of Warcraft folks; there is no need to review it, what do you want me to say? Honestly, it's THE World of Warcraft, there aren't any imitations that even come close, well, maybe one. So I won't bore you with a 5 minute long video reviewing what we already know, instead I have made a 9 minute long video showing off my mad PvP/PvE skills in my recent DINGSTRAVAGANZA!
First Impressions: Dreamlords the Reawakening
Lockpick Entertainment has been hard at work on the relaunch of their fantasy MMORTS Dreamlords the Reawakening, and their efforts have not been in vain. This title is just as rich and complex a game as you'd hope for. If you're the type of gamer who likes getting your hands dirty, the level of micromanagement alone will please you.
Behind the Curtain: Hacked account - opportunity or deathknell?
Well, it seems I may have been too hasty in jumping on the 'omgblizzardgmsaretehsuckzorz" bandwagon last week. Merely a handful of hours after logging back on to my World of Warcraft account and submitting a GM ticket after reformatting my PC, not only had my deleted characters been restored, but all of their gold and items had been recovered.
EVE Evolved: Stellar council - one month on
Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of EVE Online's democratically elected Council of Stellar Management. The council was created as a way for the players to democratically decide which game issues are important enough to bring to CCP's attention. Since CCP are unable to sift through the forum for important topics, this gives a way for players to put forward their problems in a constructive manner.

Player Consequences: PvP Consequences in Age of Conan
Player versus Player combat is always a tricky subject in the realm of MMO design. It has been with us since some of the earliest games in the genre and has had a huge influence on many players.
Massively Speaking Podcast Episode 11
Massively Speaking Episode 11 runs down news and features from for the week of June 18th - June 24th. This week it's a pretty straight-shooting show, as Michael, Shawn, and Massively blogger Will Dobson tackle the news of the week. Join us as we talk about everything from the recent Richard Bartle interview to Age of Conan's patch troubles. Join us ... won't you?
A Star Wars Galaxies history lesson: From launch to the NGE
Today and tomorrow we're going to chart the path that has lead from there to here. We'll reflect on the game's early days, some of the early patches that added groundbreaking content and systems to the game, and even mull over the biggest change to hit the MMO scene, ever - the NGE.
A Star Wars Galaxies history lesson: The post-NGE era
Though Star Wars Galaxies is a highly polarizing title, it remains a singular offering in the MMO genre. No other title quite encompasses the array of features and gameplay options that Galaxies does, a testament to the game's DNA as an open-world experience. Come along as we explore some of the game's biggest changes and most noteworthy modern features.
LotRO PvP guide: The basics of Monster Play
In the realm of Tolkien's Middle-earth, the ideals of general PvP get a bit complicated. For instance, you would never see bands of Hobbits battling with Elves, or vice versa. It's just not something Tolkien ever envisioned. This is a sticky situation for the developers of an MMO based on Tolkien lore, as PvP is a staple in the massively multiplayer genre.
A nostalgic look back on the Star Wars Galaxies beta
With Star Wars Galaxies, unbelievably, celebrating its fifth anniversary (and winner of the Spinal Tap, "Where are they now?" category, 2008) I was asked to reflect on my experiences in the beta program. Most likely, time healed a lot of wounds and I've probably got my new rose-colored glasses on, so forgive me I'm overly nostalgic.
A screenshot and video tour of Silkroad Online
Earlier this month we had the chance to take a tour of the free-to-play Joymax title Silkroad Online. A unique fantasy game, this microtransaction-supported offering transports players back to the time of high adventure along the trade routes between Europae and China.
MMOG Podcast Roundup: June 21st - June 27th
This week we're going to revisit a highlight from a previous roundup. DDOCast is still well worth listening to, providing unique insights on a terribly under-rated game. This week, though, you've got to check it out even if you're not a Dungeons and Dragons Online fan. The reason? Buzzsaw's fantastic look at GUILD DRAMA and how to handle it. The bottom line: it's about the people, stupid!
The Digital Continuum: Kaiju MMO
I know there's been a The Daily Grind about this subject already, but I felt like talking about my own personal kaiju (giant monster) MMO and this is just the place for that. Growing up there were certain things I could count on.
Blogging into Mordor: Finding the perfect name for your Dwarf
Have you decided to roll a burly dwarf in the Lord of the Rings Online and need a name to match? Not keen on making yet another "Thorinn", "Duurin" or "Gihmli"? Have you already chosen one of these unfortunate names and are looking for a change? This guide will walk you through choosing the perfect name for your dwarf. If you are a role-player or simply confused about finding a surname, this is a great way to learn a bit about dwarf culture, language, and names.

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