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    TUAW Review: Dymo DiscPainter Part 4



    Reviewer Rating: 3 out of 5 possible

    Should you buy one? If you need to do a lot of CD/DVD labeling and money isn't an object, yes. However, if you need a new printer anyway, the HP Photosmart C5280 all-in-one gives you a disc and paper printer, copier, scanner, and more, all in one box that costs less than half the price of the DiscPainter. You can also buy HP LightScribe external drives for much less, but the media is quite expensive.

    If you DO buy one, remember to include the cost of BeLight Disc Cover to replace the Discus for Dymo software.


    • Fast high-resolution printing
    • Very quiet
    • Does the job it is designed for, despite software shortcomings
    • Does excellent job of printing directly on CD/DVD media
    • Software isn't very Mac-like
    • Printer footprint larger than it needs to be
    • No power switch, can't turn it fully off without unplugging
    • Very Expensive ($279.95 MSRP, about $250 online)
    Be sure to check out the Gallery below for more pictures of the Dymo DiscPainter.

    Gallery: DiscPainter | 8 Photos

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