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WWI '08 Notes from the PvP panel part 4


2:09: Chilton comes up to talk about Northrend's new battleground

  • Tital isle located off the southern coast of Dragonblight
  • Attack/Defend gameplay, but a bit different since it's instanced. You play half the game on defense and half the game on offense, switching mid-fight.
  • This battleground will have siege vehicles and destructible buildings
  • Based on the Titan lore. A lot of Northrend circulates around Titan lore.

2:11: Stockton explains the layout. Attackers will come in on boats and assault the city. Siege vehicles will need to be used to break through the city's walls and break in. The further you get, you'll capture points allowing access to more siege weapons.

They're currently planning it to be 10v10 or 15v15. They BG is currently being play-tested.


2:17: Q: Now we have one source of honor, Alterac Valley, and everything else is a source of marks. Some people lose on purpose to get marks quicker. Is there anything being done to solve this problem?
Chilton: It's a very very difficult problem to solve. We find that if we give no rewards for losing a battleground, it's very punishing. That's why we have systems to report players for not participating and we've lowered the number of players who need to report someone. (There is a certain point where the system can't determine how hard you're trying.

2:19: Q: Do you have plans to implement a spectator mode?
Chilton: Definitely on our list of things we want to do. To add to that, we also have the idea of using that spectator mode to extend to other things, in raids for example

Q: Unique (racial) combat moves?
Chilton: We don't plan to add any more racials.

2:24: Q: My girlfriend and I love PvP, but since the Burning Crusade, we feel like we're forced into arenas
Chilton: We do plan to keep a pretty similar sort of reward items.

Q: For the frost mage, some crowd control talents seem to be PvP-oriented, don't you think this could cause unbalance?
Chilton: It's always going to feel that way because bosses tend to be immune to crowd control, but we're trying to open it up.

Q: What do you plan to fix Warlock pet scaling?
A: Right now we're pretty happy with pet scaling. It should be a viable tactic to spend some time attacking the pets. A player has to make a choice. We feel like if that scales very well, it's going to be a viable tactic to just focus on one.

2:34: That's all she wrote, folks! The Invitational's final World of Warcraft panel has come to a close.

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