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Apple sends iPhone 3G FAQ to retail employees: play dumb over activation

Chris Ziegler

A frequently-asked questions list apparently recently distributed to Apple retail store employees doesn't reveal a ton of exciting new information, but it does address the simple reality that neither Apple nor AT&T are entirely sure yet how the hell they're going to complete the activation process for iPhone 3G customers come July 11. If a customer asks about how activation is going to work -- something we've previously said might be able to be finalized from the comfort of your home -- staffers are instructed to simply reply "I don't have any details at this time about activation." Well, screw you too, Mr. / Mrs. / Miss Apple Store Employee! Also funny is Apple's prediction (a correct one, we'd bet) that shoppers will be curious about the iPhone / iPod touch price matchup, to which the response is "iPhone 3G is offered at such a terrific price because, like most cell phones, it requires a 2-year carrier contract." There's quite a bit of reading material in here, including details on multi-phone activation for businesses -- so it's worth a quick read if you're into that sort of thing.

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