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Backpedaling 101: MM9 currently "for WiiWare only"


Yeah, yeah, we know we posted just the other day that the Live Arcade would be actually seeing a release of Mega Man 9. Arstechnica seemed to have gotten their hands on a Capcom E3 roster and it had MM9 listed as being for all three of the console digital download services, which looked to be a confirmation of earlier rumblings out of the OFLC that also said that the game would be multiplatform.

Apparently, that story made the rounds so much that Capcom got wind of it and contacted arstechnica to tell 'em that, well, there was a bit of a mistake on the release roster and that Mega Man 9 is currently slated "for WiiWare only." While the caveat of "currently" means that things could change in the future (this is Capcom, after all; the guys who ported DMC4 and Lost Planet to PC, and who swore that Resident Evil 4 was exclusive to Gamecube), we doubt whether any sort of XBLA release would end up happening for quite some time.

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