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Face of Mankind: Rebirth bites the dust and NanoVerse Online announced

Matt Warner

It has been declared that Face of Mankind: Rebirth is indefinitely canceled, the statement citing a lack of financial resources as the primary cause. Face of Mankind had its trials and tribulations, it launched back in 2006 and was plagued with bugs and many players found the gameplay difficult. It still managed to gather a small supportive playerbase and remained in operation until the official portal was hit by a series of denial of service attacks all throughout May, 2007.

The attacks played a factor in the game's eventual closure in November, 2007, the perpetrators were later identified and arrested by the Scotland Yard computer crime unit. Duplex Systems, an already small development team, announced an attempt to continue support, add a bevy of new game mechanics, and relaunch the game as Face of Mankind: Rebirth if a publisher could be found.

While it's sad to witness the death of one MMOG that wanted to live again, not all is lost from Face of Mankind. Duplex Systems has announced plans on a new MMOG entitled NanoVerse Online.

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