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MacMix Promo to bring super deals for your Mac app fix

Cory Bohon

Applications on the Mac give you this warm, fuzzy feeling when you download and unpack their .dmg (or .zip) files. "Make Your Own Mac Mix" hopes to make this feeling even better by offering deals in the form of discount tiers for buying Mac applications.

You will be able to choose between 27 "high quality" Mac applications (similar to those being offered by MacHeist). Prices will be based on the following tier system:

  • 10% off of any one app
  • 30% off any 3
  • 40% off any 5
  • 50% off any 7
  • 60% off any 9
  • 70% off any 12
Just as there are no details on specific applications, there is also no set date; but the creators are claiming this will be an amazing deal on Mac applications. This deal is set to go live this month. This deal and details will soon be made available on the MacMix Promo website.

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