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Nielsen VideoScan High-Def market share for week ending June 22nd, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

This week's Nielsen VideoScan numbers are pretty late. This was mostly because last week's Home Media Magazine was delayed because of the Home Media Expo, which completly threw us off. The other thing that threw us off this week was the fact that this week's edtition of HMM didn't inlcude a top 20 Blu-ray title chart. This really only leaves us the market share to discuss which is understandably down. The fact that both DVD and Blu-ray sales were down that week is no surprise since there just weren't that many new releases and the ones that were released weren't anything to call home about. We expect next this week's numbers to be delayed as well because of the 4th of July. When the charts do finally come out there should be more to talk about though, as we will be interested to see how well 10,000 BC does against DVD, as well as The Spiderwick Chronicles. Luckily the month of June is behind us and July looks to be a fun ride, so we can't wait to see if Blu-ray manages to pick up any speed before the holiday season in the coming months.

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