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Rumor: PS2 game downloads coming to PS Store


Looks like Sony's planning to hog even more of your sweet, sweet download bandwidth via the PlayStation Store, if a rumor posted on the N4G forums is to be believed. According to the post, downloadable PS2 games will be announced at E3 next month and will appear on the store this summer.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is prominently featured in the "leaked" image; the other games we can make out are Fantavision, Red Faction, Ridge Racer V, Smuggler's Run, SSX, and ... well, we're not quite sure what that last one is. Keen-eyed readers to the comments page! the last one is The Bouncer. Thanks, readers!

The info supposedly originates from a Sony Europe insider, who informed the poster that the roll-out will actually occur in Europe before the rest of the world. (Which is contrary to Sony's usual M.O.) This rumor comes on the heels of an actual official announcement by Sony that it will finally introduce a movie / video download service for PS3 this summer. It seems like this summer will see the PS3 experience evolving quite a bit, especially if this rumor pans out.

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