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Series 40 6th Edition premieres on Nokia's Supernova series

Chris Ziegler

It's that magical time of the season again where Nokia's mass-market platform, Series 40, gets a little spec bump to keep up with the Joneses. The latest cut is 6th Edition (which follows 5th Edition, in case there was any doubt there) which will get its official world debut on the Supernova 7510 fashion phone in the fourth quarter of this year. What magical gifts can users expect? Most importantly, Flash Lite 3 comes in the box, which means support for video; plenty of other Series 40 phones have shipped with Flash support, but version 3 is fresh. It'll also support a significantly enhanced browser, UI transitions (think S60 3.2), and support for Windows Media Audio 10 and Windows Media Video 9, among other things. Yeah, at the end of the day it's still a dumbphone, but it looks like Nokia's doing everything it can to blur the lines. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via IntoMobile]

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