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Soulcalibur bloodies up the XBLA this Wednesday

Dustin Burg

Sometimes rumors turn out to be true, and in the case of Soulcalibur making its way to the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday ... well, that's true.

Just today, Microsoft announced that on the morning of Wednesday, July 2nd, old-school Soulcalibur will be releasing to the XBLA at the 800 Microsoft price point. Included in this XBLA version of Soulcalibur will be all nineteen fighters, leaderboards, versus play and over eight game modes to experience in gorgeous high definition. Enough to make any fanboy shed a tear of happiness. Not only will we be treated to Soulcalibur this week, but XBLA game Wits and Wagers will be receiving a 320 MS point expansion that adds an additional 280 questions to the mix. Make the jump for the official press release.


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