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Sprint clarifies smartphone situation: Curve, Q9c still available

Chris Ziegler

There's been a lot of chatter the past few days that the Motorola Q9c, a Windows Mobile phone launched on Sprint to little fanfare late last year, has gone up to that great Windows Mobile 6.1 build in the sky now that it's disappeared off Sprint's online store. That'd really be something, considering that Verizon and others have just launched it in the past couple months -- but not entirely out of the question, particularly if it's a dead-slow seller or is earning more than its fair share of tech support calls. For what it's worth, though, we touched base with Sprint on the matter and were informed that it's just "out of stock for direct ship" -- that's the stuff you see on Sprint's site -- but that it should still be readily available in retail stores.

On a related note, the Curve is out of stock as well, but no need to panic there, either. Sprint tells us that they're experiencing some pretty crazy demand for the thing, but that they're replenishing inventory on a daily basis and it should be back online within a few days.

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