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The Last Remnant official Japanese website now open

Alan Tsang
The official site of the The Last Remnant is now online. There's a trailer, a prologue, information on the battle system, 4 characters with voices and 12 screenshots. You can even choose between three different songs as your background music. The game prologue mentions Remnants as ancient artifacts of awesome power but unknown origins, and that mankind's usage of them has caused "a rift in the world's balance." Isn't there always a rift in the world's balance in every Square game?

The game is to be a 360 timed-exclusive supposedly because of a delay caused by the Unreal Engine the game is using. The screenshots seems to focus on the environment, landscape and building architecture of the game. The style also reminds us of Final Fantasy XII. So, still looking forward to The Last Remnant or bitter over the delay?


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